What is a Twin Flame Relationship?

So you think you’re in a Twin Flame relationship or someone has mentioned this to you and now you’re wondering what this stuff is all about. I can relate. I found out about my own Twin Flame Relationship quite by accident soon after a life altering break up. In this article I’ll break down my perspective on this highly fascinating topic from my own experience, research, and intuitive guidance.

At the core a Twin Flame relationship is simply a relationship. In other words it’s a way in which two people are connected. We are all involved in may types of relationships, whether that be family, friends, coworkers, or lovers. Relationships provide the fertile ground that all souls require to grow. Some relationships are short lived. They exist to teach us one particular lesson about ourselves. Other relationships stretch out over time (sometimes lifetimes) with the purpose of helping us transcend a certain recurring issue or trauma. We can enter any of these type of relationships with new souls or souls we’ve met many times before.

How this relationship is different

But the Twin Flame Relationship is different for a couple of reasons. It is primarily different because you and your Twin share the exact same soul blueprint. Some interpret this as one soul splitting in half, but to me the idea that I am only half a soul has never really thrilled me, nor do I feel that I am incomplete on my own. I prefer to think of it as how identical human twins are created. One fertilized egg separates and each grows into a separate human being, whole and complete, with the same genetic makeup. You and your Twin were one soul in the heavenly plane that separated and grew into two whole and complete humans with the same soul blueprint.

The second reason the Twin Flame Relationship is different is because you and your Twin have a specific eternal agreement to help each other achieve unconditional love and enlightenment while also raising the vibrational energy of the planet and helping to shift the paradigm of relationships for the better. That sounds like a daunting task I know, and it is, but you fully consented to this. You are an advanced being and you are fully prepared for this journey, even if it doesn’t feel like that right now.

Among the Twin Flame community there seems to be a common perception that this type of relationship is always and foremost a romantic relationship. While that is often true, the main purpose of a Twin Flame relationship is and always has been to heal the connection we have with ourselves and with God. In this lifetime you and your Twin could have a parent/child relationship. The most famous and perhaps influential Twin Flame relationship in history was the one between Jesus and his mother, the Virgin Mary. They agreed to literally become symbols of unconditional miraculous love for all people throughout eternity. Both were put through challenging situations internally and externally that would test their faith in themselves and God.

That being said, I do believe that most Twin Flame relationships on the planet right now are based on romantic partnerships because the world needs a new template for relating as we bring heaven to earth (New Earth) for a future of peace and harmony.

Why it seems so hard

While you and your Twin share the same soul blueprint, you will possess opposite yin/yang energies that need to be balanced in order for you to have a harmonious relationship. One of you will have more dominant masculine energy and the other feminine. This is not gender specific and either partner may have a masculine or feminine dominance. This applies to same sex couples as well.

You are here to correct your own internal imbalances as well as those between the two of you. But you are also here to correct the ancestral imbalances that have existed in relationships throughout time. Think about the template of relationships that says the man must go out of the house and “hunt” down resources so the family can survive while the woman stays home, waiting for the man to return while caring for the children and making sure the home environment is pleasing. We know this is an outdated way of existing. Women are perfectly capable of securing their own futures and men are also capable of emotional depth and caring for others. Yet we have so few examples of balanced equal partnerships. It is your role as a Twin Soul to be the example for others.

Balancing these energies will happen through a series of coming together and separating with your Twin Flame. You come together because of the natural soul attraction and agreement you have. Because your Twin has your same soul blueprint, he or she is a perfect energetic mirror to you and you to them. In time your fears and core wounds of abandonment, rejection, etc. will be triggered which will force you to separate in order to heal. This is perfectly normal and necessary. After healing you may come together again. This process may happen one or more times until you both have cleared your blocks and imbalances. Every time you heal something within yourself you heal your partner and the planet so indeed this is very important work you are doing.

Feeling the call to something more

Beyond the internal healing work, many Twins feel called to a bigger, more public way of healing the planet. Some, like me, become advocates for helping others reach enlightenment and unconditional love. Some are called to create new companies that will help heal the environment or bring joy to people. Others desire to help raise the vibe of their local community through volunteerism. Any way that you choose to express your love is perfectly acceptable and appreciated.

If you find yourself in a Twin Flame relationship in this lifetime – welcome, congratulations, and thank you! The most important piece of advice I can give is to get support through a private community or mentor like myself. Most people in your current circle will have no way of relating to what you are going through even if they care about you very much and try to help.

Be gentle with yourself. Love yourself. You are worth it and you are changing history just by going through this journey.